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25 Contributing


The Mississippi Gulf Coast and Neighboring Sites

A collection of essays about the history and tourist attractions across MS's Gulf Coast

GCWA's 2013 Anthology


Ellis Anderson ▪ Kara Bachman ▪ Patti Carr Black ▪ Melissa Carrigee ▪ Laura Clark ▪ John Cuevas ▪ Cecily Cummings

 Brenda Finnegan ▪ Keith Goodfellow, MD ▪ Stanley Hastings ▪ Michiel W. Hawkins ▪ Karen Kurtz ▪ Marilyn Johnston

 Sherryl LaPointe ▪  Philip, L. Levin, MD ▪ Valerie Livengood ▪ Elaine McDermott  ▪ Fowler McLain ▪ Denny Mecham

 Sue Monkress ▪ Jamie O'Quinn ▪ Deanna Vogt ▪ Judy Davies▪ Anne McKee


25 Contributing


Rocking Chair and Afternoon Tales
Stories and Poems of Mississippi
GCWA's 2012 Anthology


Joyce Burns    John Floyd    Bob Strother    Merle McCann Patricia Hope    Gary Ritchie    Marlyn Allgood

Patricia Butkovich    Fred Farris    Barbara Hussey    Lisa Pinkowski    Richelle Putman    Brenda Brown Finnegan

Anne B. McKee    Jim Ritchie    Mary Ann Sharp    Michael Groetsch    Susan Budavari    Terry I. Miles

Grace Blackmart Lebo    Philip L. Levin    Nancy Smith Gibson    Joe Lee    Judy Davies    Diane Williams


25 Contributing


Magnolia Blossoms and Afternoon Tales
Stories and Poems from the American South
GCWA's 2010 Anthology
Contributors include:  Gary R. Hoffman  S.C. Jeffers   L.L. Lee   Judy Davies  Sylvia Skrmetta  Bob Strother
Brenda Finnegan  Allen Russell  Kara Martinez Bachman   Anne McKee  John M. Floyd  Nancy McLendon
Philip L. Levin  Cynthia Lamb  ▪  Merle McCann   Jan Rider NewmanShannon Rule Bardwell Barb Goffman    Elva Avara
Marlyn Allgood  
Cecilia Dominic  Terry I. Miles  Jim Wilson, DVM Frankie Gerny  Angie Quinn  Read more...

25 Contributing


Sweet Tea and Afternoon Tales

More Stories from the South

GCWA's 2009 Anthology

Contributors include: Marlyn Allgood ▪ Shannon Rule Bardwell ▪ Betty Wilson Beamguard ▪ Lottie Boggan ▪ Susan Budavari

Linda Chubbuck ▪ Ed Davis ▪ Lucy J. Dixon ▪ Fred Farris ▪ John M. Floyd ▪  Brenda Gable ▪ Nancy Gotter Gates ▪ Edward Hartman

Deborah Ledford ▪ Philip L. Levin ▪ Denton Loving ▪ Sylvia Lynch ▪ Merle L. McCann ▪ Annie McKee ▪ Terry I. Miles

Jan Rider Newman ▪ Richelle Putnam ▪ Bob Strothers ▪ Ovid Vickers ▪ Glanda Widger  Read more...


25 Contributing


Teacakes and Afternoon Tales

New Stories from Mississippi

GCWA's 2008 Anthology

Contributors include: Ruth White ▪ Darlin’ Neal ▪ M. L. McCann ▪ Richelle Putnam ▪ Diane Miller ▪  Gary Hoffman

Gwendolyn-Joyce Mintz  ▪  Wayne Scheer ▪ Rebecca Chaney ▪ Dixon Hearne ▪ Betty Beamguard ▪ Carl Wayne Hardeman

Philip L. Levin ▪ Elva Avara  ▪  Bob Strother ▪ David Holcombe ▪ Brennan Harvey ▪ Dahris Clair ▪ Lottie Boggan ▪ Belle Rollins

Shannon Rule Bardwell  ▪  Anne McKee ▪ Victoria Hobbs Olsen ▪ Ross Gresham ▪ Cheré Coen ▪ Read more...


15 Contributing


Pieces of Silver

25th Anniversary Anthology of the Mississippi Poetry Society, South Branch

Edited by Elva Avara ▪ Contributors include:  Jim Atchley ▪ Elva Avara ▪ Nelda Broom ▪ Patty Butkovich ▪ Judy Davies ▪ Marian Eisensmith ▪  Brenda B. Finnegan ▪ Charles R. Gates ▪ Joseph E. Gould ▪ Helen J. Jarvis ▪Mary C. Osterman ▪ Rev. John Ralph ▪ Dorothy Rogers ▪ Voncile Ros ▪ Carol Tucker  Read more...



The Yellow Silk Umbrella
An Anthology from the Life and Writings of
By Marlyn Snyder Allgood

          Allgoods stories provide laughs and tears within the pages. Nearly every word is a truth from her now 80 year life. Her very first car. Well, almost car. The most fun she ever had with a car. Hilarity. Sweet sister love and humor. Personal Growth. Heartfelt Poems. A wonderful read.     Read more...



Under Surge Under Siege

By Ellis Anderson

          Hurricane Katrina tore into Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, raking away lives, buildings, and livelihoods in a place known for its picturesque, coastal views; its laid-back, artsy downtown; and its deep-dyed southern cordiality. The tragedy also revealed the inner workings of a community with an indomitable heart and profound neighborly bonds.  Read more...



Perfect Partner

By Melanie Atkins

          Alarm bells go off in Detective Lexi Granger’s head when a gun linked to a cold case disappears and a veteran officer sweeps it under the rug.  Read more...

  See more books by Melanie Atkins



of Sun and Shadowed Places

A collection of poems, essays, short stories and lyrics

By Elva Avara

          Elva Ware Avara is Mississippi’s Poetry Society’s Poet of the Year.  A musician as well as a poet, Avara has composed hymns and anthems used in her church, Dantzler Memorial United Methodist, including a commemorative piece marking Dantzler’s 150th anniversary.  Read more...



Yesterdays are Forever

By Andrew Badger

          The Masters, retired professors, have a minor disagreement: JoAnne wishes Ike, her husband of 42 years, to write an autobiography. Ike balks and questions her motives for suggesting it.  Read more...


Original Sin

The Seven Deadlies Come Home to Roost

Including a story by Shannon Rulé Bardwell

          "Original Sin- The Seven Deadlies Come Home to Roost" is a collection of short stories for each of the seven deadly sins. Each sin is depicted by an original work of art chosen for the book. The story "Henry and the Naked Ladies" was contributed by Shannon Rule', GCWA member.  Read more...

See more books including stories by Shannon Rulé Bardwell



The Maverick Caregiver

By Nancy Beeler

          In this extraordinary memoir, Carolyn Connelly takes the reader on a journey into her own private hell allowing the reader to share some of the experiences she lived while providing care to the elderly.

          She offers a rare look, as only she can, into the shocking truths BABY BOOMERS must now face.  Read more...

  See more books by Nancy Beeler



Whole Cloth
Sacred Stories in Verse

By Garry Breland

          In Whole Cloth, Garry Breland has collected some of his poems written on Biblical themes and some well-known and lesser-known stories and characters. There are also two thematic series in the book. One on the Nativity tells the story of the common figures of the Christmas Nativity scene.  Read more...



What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know
By Billy Brown

          Who is your lawyer, and what does he or she really do? That’s a question that’s not easy to answer—unless you go the source. And unfortunately, most lawyers won’t give you a straight answer.  Read more...



Life in the Pond: A Collection of Poetry

Thoughts on Moonlight, Ripples, Hearts, and Frogs

By Joyce Burns

          "We are ripples in the pond of life, steeped in passion and stirred with a fury. Sometimes we sparkle like white-hot diamonds and dance on the winds. Other times we cry at the sting of incomparable pain or muse at that which we do not understand, ever inching toward our shores. Come dance with me with as we celebrate life's possibilities and words, unbounded." Read more...



A Long-Stemmed Rose

By Patricia Butkovich

          Take a poetic journey with the author up the long-stemmed rose of life experiences that include smooth pleasant times such as a moonlit sailboat race in the Gulf of Mexico and the joy of a morning walk.  Read more...



Adventures in Home Building

By Melissa Carrigee

          If you’re a woman facing the prospect of building a home, you’re probably dealing with lots of questions and choices. It’s easy to be overwhelmed, but not necessary! Drawing on her experiences in home construction, author Melissa Carrigee helps you easily navigate through the process with Adventures in Home Building: Written From a Woman’s Point of View.  Read more...



Marsh Island

The Hirebomber Crime Series, Book 1
By Oliver Chase

           After a crushing injury, Army Ranger Phil Pfeifer is left for dead in the mountains of Iran only days before the start of the Gulf War. America cannot reveal such a violation of national sovereignty mere days before Kuwait is invaded.  Read More...



Same Planet, Different World

By Ben Clabaugh

          David Fuller is a bored twelve-year old tangled in feelings of isolation and guilt over the death of his little sister. That summer, Shelton - a pudgy weirdo kid who spends hours staring at anthills, and greets dogs by sniffing their butts moves in next door.  Read more...

   See more books by Ben Clabaugh



By Lauren Clark

          Single mom Grace Mason doesn't believe in miracles, magic, or love at first sight. She likes the quiet life, complete with her eight-year-old son, their tiny house, and her teaching job. For Grace, happiness means that nothing much ever changes in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  Read more...    



Chasing Emerson

By Charles B Cooper

James Whitacker and Elizabeth Emerson are two outstanding writers. They find each other in the midst of experiencing the beginnings of life and love. They are tested by tragedy and the society that money creates to separate those that have from those that do not.  Read more...

  See more books by Charles Cooper



The Haze of a Lost Reality

By Clark West Cooper

          The concept of this group of poems/short stories is the idea of a Bipolar and Schizophrenic man torn between the true reality and a lost reality.  Read more...



Love of Jesus: The Heart of Christianity

By Richard E. Creel

         If you would like to read many reasons for admiring and loving Jesus, then this is the book for you! If you admire and love Jesus but have difficulty identifying yourself as a Christian or have difficulty joining a church because of problems with this or that aspect of Christianity, then this is a book for you, too!  Read more...

  See more books and Kindle books by Richard Creel



Sometimes We Drift

Poems of Regret, Ruination, and Renewal

By Douglas Crotty

          Written with personal insight, Sometimes We Drift: Poems of Regret, Ruination and Renewal, is a collection of poems in three parts, thematically different in their thrust and emphasis, suggesting a progression from pain to positivity on the bridge between near death of self, and the resurrection of the soul.   Read more....



Poetic Images & Poetic Landscapes CD
By Judy Davies

          In this first collection of nearly 40 poems, Judy Davies invites you to relax and settle in as she tempts your palate with her varied poetic images. Sometimes controversial, often elegant and frequently touching; Davies' poetry shows her freedom of spirit as she expertly weaves a kaleidoscope of color into her poetry.   Read more...


Bones of My Brother

By J Frank Dunkin

          From Alabama at mid-century, there’d been John and his Evelyn—now from Minnesota at century’s end, Price and his Joy—two couples whose struggles ran as parallel as rails on a track. Had John Hobson’s smile been erased by a long ago war, or had he suffered a more defining chapter in his life? And what of his son, Price, the small-town boy who stamped his mark upon a corporate world that would ultimately crumble about him?  Read more...



Missing Persons

A Collection of Poetry

By Brenda Brown Finnegan

Published by the Mississippi Poetry Society, Inc., Jackson MS

Sorry, Out of Print


In the Place of Singing

A Collection of Poetry By John Freeman

          This is an outstanding work, beautifully crafted, unified, and powerful.  In the first part, beginning with the plainest of Mississippi settings, the poet tests his memory to explore his roots and the relationships between past and present - not in the outworn confessional mode, focused on a solipsistic self, but as a means of discovery of what goes beyond, and was before, and will be after, the self, in order to move, gradually, toward a recognizable and whole inner being.  Read more...



Katrina Wedding

How to Get Married in a Federal Disaster Area

By William Fulks

          A True Mississippi Story: Have you ever tried to plan a wedding after a hurricane? Christy and I had a plan that went to chaos overnight. That night was August 29th, 2005, and the cause was named Katrina. Hurricane Katrina.   Read more...

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Hiding Places at Barrington Hall

By Mary Ellen Gavin

          The day Pat Hannelly and I formed Hannelly & Hennessey Investigations was bittersweet. Being widows whose husbands had succumbed to illness and died young, we were left with sons in college and mortgages. After the fog of mourning lifted, we conspired over a bottle of wine and drew up a plan to be private detectives even though the idea scared the hell out of me.  Read more...



A Time of Innocence, A Time of Confidences

By Gary D. Harrington

          The 60’s: “This is the story of a time in American history when we as a people divided not only among ourselves but within our­selves. It is the story of a young man’s experience in that time and of the battles he fought on the streets of America and on the battlefields of Vietnam.”  G. D. Harrington  Read more...



Native Voices, Native Lands

By Dixon Hearne

          Dixon Hearne's  travels throughout the United States have left an indelible mark on his perceptions about the eternal connection between environment and human behavior. Native Voices, Native Lands is a collection of poetry and short fiction exploring people and places in the American landscape.    Read more...

   See more books by Dixon Hearne



Bear and Mel, Friends

An Unlikely Duo

By Dawn Jacobs

          An unlikely duo joins forces with some unusual friends to solve a series of mysterious neighborhood burglaries. You might ask, why is this so unusual? The duo is a dog and cat. Read more...

  See more books by Dawn Jacobs



The Sisters: Ten Days in Sicily

By L. L. Lee

          The Guliano sisters are on the road again. This time to sunny Sicily to pick up an unexpected inheritance from their recently deceased uncle. This latest book in the Sisters Series is a humorous mystery in which we find the women from South Louisiana in the homeland of their Sicilian ancestors.   Read more...

  See more books by L.L. Lee




By Gary Lett

          Bob Hayes grew up in a small Alabama town, the son of a prominent high school coach. Although there were a few shining moments as a player, he never really became a starter. Instead, he found his niche in the preparation and application of the strategy of player performance on the field.  Read more....



Altered Perceptions

By Philip Levin

          Genesis: We are led to believe that of the twins, Esau was the evil one and Jacob was the good. Yet, in bible study it becomes clear the opposite is true. Jacob blackmailed his brother for the “birthright,” refusing to feed him until he relinquished. Later Jacob dressed up as Esau to fool their blind father into granting him those rights. Jacob’s history was full of evil, especially his murder of Hamor’s clan. By telling the story from Esau’s perspective, Jacob’s wickedness comes to light.   Read more...

  See more books by Philip Levin



Way Stations
By LillieAnne Long

          Way Stations is a record of the search for God in the twenty-first century. Is He found in churches, in prayers, in Scripture, or is it a lonely journey to that splendid end? Whatever it is, it is no easy task for the Christian who lives in a century where spirituality is seldom understood or even considered credible.  Read more...



To Dismiss With Prejudice

By Teresa Lynn

           Eugenie Escousse is a thirty-nine year old married career woman and her biological clock is ticking. For the past year she has undergone monthly donor inseminations, fertility medications, lab tests, and surgery -- all with negative pregnancy results. Read more...

  See more books by Teresa Lynn



The Longjohners' Mystery Series

by M. L. McCann

          THE LONGJOHNERS’ MYSTERIES are meant to entertain readers from 8 to 108, and a child of five will enjoy having stories read to them. They are used in a variety of educational venues. Reading coaches love them, right along with students. Read more...



Made in the U.S.A.

Corporate Greed, Tax Laws and the Exportation of America's Future

By Barr McClellan

          Best selling author Barr McClellan presents an extensively researched analysis of the negative impact the exportation of manufacturing jobs overseas has had on the U.S. economy, and how this has fueled the current economic crisis.…  Read more...

  See more books by Barr McClellan



Flying on the Wings of Dawn

A Collection of Poetry

By Elaine McDermott

          Elaine McDermott’s poetry has a universality that can take us from the log cabin of a frontier woman to the cafes of Paris and then to small rural towns in Mississippi.  Read more...



Historic Photos of Mississippi  and  Remembering Mississippi
By Anne B. McKee

          Imagine a ride with the Mississippi mockingbird as it soars through the Mississippi skies. Beginning in the land of Elvis at Tupelo, one moves down to the Piney Woods of East Central Mississippi where the ground is covered with fragrant pine straw and where Choctaw moccasins once walked the trails.  Read more ...



Hiding Places

A Memoir of the Pirate Princess of Tybee Island
By Deborah Elizabeth Merriman

           As a little girl, Deborah Elizabeth Merriman retreated into her various hiding places, shelters from abuse—secret hideouts where her budding imagination lifted her into her own world of fantasy and delight.  Read more...


A Recipe for Murder!

By Terry I. Miles

         Five thousand antique cars and trucks have descended upon Lafouchfeye County Township and the entire Mississippi Gulf Coast for The Cruisin' Recipe Jamboree.  Read more...

  See more books by Terry I. Miles



My Mama's Closet
By Alice Rhea Mitchell

          Little girls watch their mothers all of the time, and every mother has an intriguing boutique behind her closet door. At bedtime or anytime, little girls of all ages will delight in the forty-page book entitled My Mama's Closet.  Read more...   



Blood Cheaper Than Oil 

By Alexander Molnar, Jr.

           Noting certain irregularities, a US Congressional Committee investigates the oil industry for abusive business methods and price manipulation. But just hours before an oil company CEO could testify and reveal a seventy-year-old secret, he is brutally murdered along with his entire family. With this, “The Circle” thought their big secret -- the one they’ve been fiercely protecting all these years -- is safe.

Or so they thought. 

 See more books by Alexander Molnar



The Adventures of Will Walker

A Marco Polo journey

By Sue Monkress

          Join Will, his Father and crazy Uncle on their exciting journey, recreating the travels of Marco Polo six centuries earlier! Dangerous sea crossings and desert adventures keep Will and an awesome new friend constantly wondering: "What’s around the next corner?? …!!!!" Read more...

 See more books by Sue Monkress



Along the Highway
By Barry North

          I still live beside the same noisy and grimy highway me and my sister grew up next to. But I am about twenty-five miles further west in a whole 'nother parish.  Read more...



The Cajun Bomber's Knock Out Cookbook

- Boxing to Beignets -

By Victoria Hobbs Olsen and Dale Bellard Sr.

          The life story of an undefeated boxer, Dale Bellard, told in anecdotal short stories beginning in the cotton fields of Louisiana. Many simple tried-and-true Cajun recipes are sprinkled among the boxer's international tales of boxing. Read more...



Carnival Stories
A Mississippi Tale of Healing, Faith, and Enlightenment.
By Victoria Hobbs Olsen

          As we grow older, we often find that experiences of our youth--experiences perhaps brushed aside as inconsequential, or as singular events holding no bearing on our seemingly limitless future--actually prove to be turning points in our lives.
         The lessons Julia learns over the course of her her brief encounters with the mysterious Jonathan become increasingly valuable over the years, as her life progresses.   Read more..



The Twelve Outrageous Dancing Princesses

or The Mystery of the Worn-Out Slippers

By Lee Green Pope

          The Twelve Outrageous Dancing Princesses started out as a play and was produced at the Biloxi Little Theatre, Gulfport Little Theatre and the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. Over 200 young people performed in the separate casts. The audiences for all these performances amounted to several thousand young people, parents, relatives, and friends. Read more...

 See more books by Lee Green Pope



Pure Blood

By Connie Rainey

The author of ‘Keep Sake” gives us a second thrill a minute read with this action packed adventure in a race against the clock. Could this be our future?

The civilized world is now facing starvation from over population. A new law is going in effect in thirty days. It will cut the population by euthanizing the elders.    Read more...

See more books by Connie Rainey



       Ruby Silver

By Randall Reneau

           Geologist Trace Brandon and his partner Will Coffee are just back from Liberia, West Africa. Cashed-up and looking for a new venture, they once again team up with Cyrus “The Virus” McSweeny. This time the quarry is the silver-rich ore of the old Ruby Mining District. And this time they’ll not only have the Pantelli crime family to deal with, but also lumberman Autry Ollinger-three hundred pounds of obnoxiousness whose preferred method of negotiation is a right hook...  Read more...

See more books by Randall Reneau



Cowboy Christmas Tales

By Allen Russell

          Eight years in the making, Cowboy Christmas Tales is a collection of twelve short stories celebrating Christmas the Cowboy Way. Several of these stories are modern-day tales, dealing with modern-day challenges. Others are more traditional western tales set on the American frontier.      Read more...

  See more books by Allen Russell



We Smoked Our Sister and other Stories from a Childhood:

A Time to Remember

By Carlotta Maria Shinn Russell

          Chunchula, Alabama, was no different than any other small, rural community in the 1960s. There was a divide between whites and blacks, and the civil rights movement played a role in the lives of all its residents.  Read more...

  See more books by Carlotta Russell



Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled:

This Too Shall Pass

By Ruth Sanders

          This is a must read book for government employees, former government employees, active duty personnel, retired military, and every tax-paying citizens.  Read more...

See more books including stories by Ruth Sanders



A Sentence of Death

Words that Killed a President

By Robert Shows

          Step back into time and history. The novel is a meld of historical fact and fiction surrounding the assassination, stimulating the reader to a thought provoking analysis of what could have happened before and after that fateful day in Dallas, Texas.    Read more...



Giovanna: Angels in Hell

By Sylvia Smith Skrmetta

          From the dungeons of a castle in Naples to the Italian Alps and the American occupation of Florence, "Giovanna: Angels in Hell" tells the remarkable true story of a Jewish-Italian girl who grows into a young woman during the tumultuous years of World War II.  Read more...



Chameleon, hanging by my tale

By Edward Lawrence Fassel

Edited & with a forward by Elaine Stevens

          Ed reveals many colors of his chameleon-like nature in chapters introduced by his own poetry.  It is a beautiful autobiography, overflowing with anecdotes and revelations.  Read more...

See more books by Elaine Stevens



Scattered, Smothered, and Covered
By Bob Strother

..........Forward by Anne M. Hicks: Bob Strother never ceases to amaze me with his provocative prose. In this short story collection, I traverse a literal and emotional menu to sample the often greasy, sometimes bitter, always entertaining sides of life.  Read more...



Lucky 13
By Janet Taylor-Perry

          Twelve women are dead, and a thirteenth is missing. Detective Ray Reynolds races time to catch a killer. Nothing ties the victims together, except the way in which they died.  Read more...

See more books by Janet Taylor-Perry


My Father's Friend

By David W. Walker

           In that unforgettable 1940 summer known as the Battle of Britain, the date September 15th stands out as the day the tide of war turned. Two massive waves of German bombers and their fighter support set upon the defenses of London.  Read more...

See more books by David W. Walker



The Keys

By Frank J. Wilem

          When troubles mount, monotony metastasizes and relief is nowhere in sight, have you ever considered just saying “screw it” and fleeing life’s miseries? Most people have—few actually do. Quint not only considers ditching his cheating wife and dead end job for a tropical escape; he does and heads for the Keys. Read more...



Just South of Forever
By Mark Wyatt

          Enjoy a few moments in this quiet place. Come on in to a place that is Just South of Forever, a place where you will find familiar memories, quiet wisdom, and nuggets of truth that you will want to carry in the pocket of your jeans as you make your way home.   Read more...


Battered Wings

By Catherine Yee

          A single act of violence causes a once loving marriage forged in the furnace of WWII to be almost torn apart in the fiery hell of the Vietnam era. Three-star General Leland Thornton, retired, suffers a severe personality change from an old war wound that causes him to assault his wife of 25 years, sending her to the hospital and landing him in jail. Now they both must work to rebuild the love they once shared and face ghosts from their past. Along the way one of their grown children fights to survive the war-torn skies of ‘Nam.  Read more...




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