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* GCWA Anthology 2015

GCWA Anthology 2014

GCWA Anthology 2013
GCWA Anthology 2012
GCWA Anthology 2010
GCWA Anthology2009
GCWA Anthology 2008

* Ainsworth, Charna

Atkins, Melanie
Bardwell, Shannon Rule

* Boggan, Lottie
Brown, Billy

* Brunt, Shelby
Burns, Joyce
Butkovich, Patricia

Carrigee, Melissa
* Chase, Oliver
Cooper, Clark West
Creel, Richard E.

Davies, Judy

Brown Finnegan, Brenda

Ellis, Dan

* Fannaly, Victoria

Fowler & McLain

Fulks, William

* Garbin, Faith

Golden, Patti

Harrington, Gary D.

* Heitmann, Henry

* Herrin, Poppy

Irwin, Sam

Jarrell, M. M.

Lambert, Selden

Lee, L. L.

* Levin, Philip

Lynn, Teresa

Long, LillieAnne

* Magee, Mary Beth

McClellan, Barr
, Elaine

McKee, Anne B.

McNabb, Fran

Miles, Terry I.

Mitchell, Alice Rhea

Molnar, Alexander Jr.

* Monkress, Sue

North, Barry

Olsen, Victoria

* Pope, Lee Green

Price, Sandra Lynn

* Rainey, Connie
Reneau, Randall

Roberts, Frances

* Ruleman, William
Russell, Carlotta Maria Shinn
Shows, Robert

* Simmons, Thomas
Stevens, Elaine

* Tait, Reed

* Taylor-Perry, Janet  
Wilem, Frank J.

* Weiss-Mitchell, Jeana

*  Wyatt, Mark A.