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GCWA Anthology 2013
GCWA Anthology 2012
GCWA Anthology 2010
GCWA Anthology2009
GCWA Anthology 2008

Allgood, Marlyn Snyder
Atkins, Melanie
Avara, Elva

Badger, Andrew
Bardwell, Shannon Rule
Beeler, Nancy
Breland, Garry
Brown, Billy
Burns, Joyce
Butkovich, Patricia

Carrigee, Melissa
Chase, Oliver
Clark, Lauren
Cooper, Clark West
Creel, Richard E.
Crotty, Douglas

Davies, Judy

Finnegan, Brenda Brown
Fulks, William

Gavin, Mary Ellen 

* Greenwell, Dale   

Harrington, Gary D.
Hearne, Dixon
Jacobs, Dawn

* Lambert, Selden

Lee, L. L.
Lett, Gary
Levin, Philip
Long, LillieAnne
Lynn, Teresa

McClellan, Barr

McKee, Anne B.
McNabb, Fran
Merriman, Deborah
Miles, Terry I.
Mitchell, Alice Rhea

Molnar, Alexander Jr.
Monkress, SueNorth, Barry

Olsen, Victoria

Pope, Lee Green
Rainey, Connie
Reneau, Randall
Russell, Allen
Russell, Carlotta Maria Shinn

Sanders, Ruth
Shows, Robert
Stevens, Elaine
Strother, Bob

Taylor-Perry, Janet  
Wilem, Frank J.

* Newly listed books