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  Check out more contests from Just A Contest.com 


Deadline: Postmarked by November 30, 2014

AWARDS: 1ST Place: Your choice of a 2 night stay at The Mountain Muse B&B in Asheville; or 3 free workshops (in person or online); or 50 pages line-edited and revised by our editorial staff 

2nd Place: Two free workshops; or 35 pages line-edited

3rd Place: One free workshop, or 25 pages line-edited

10 Honorable Mentions

GUIDELINES: Submit a memoir of 5,000 words or less. Multiple entries are accepted. All work must be unpublished.

Pages should be paper clipped, with your name, address, email, phone and title of work also on a cover sheet. Double-space, and use 12 point font. The entry fee is $25 per story, or $20 for Workshop members.

Enclose self-addressed stamped envelope for critique and list of winners.

Please make check or money order payable to The Writers' Workshop, and mail to:

Memoirs Contest, 387 Beaucatcher Road, Asheville, NC 28805.

Emailed submissions may be sent to writersw@gmail.com, with "Memoirs Contest" in the subject. No SASE is necessary. The entry fee is payable online at www.twwoa.org.


Tethered by Letters' Fall Literary Contests
Deadline: December 15, 2014
We are currently accepting submissions for our short story contest (1,000 to 7,500 words, open genre), flash fiction contest (55, 250, or 500 words), and poetry contest (max of three pages per poem). TBL strives to publish writers with engaging stories, vivid characters, and fresh writing styles. All winners will be published in Tethered by Letters’ Summer 2015 Quarterly Journal. All finalists will receive free professional edits on their submission and be considered for later publication. The prizes are $250 (USDA) for the short story winner, $50 (USDA) for the flash fiction winner, and $100 (USDA) for the poetry winner. Winners will be announced publicly in November. Multiple entries accepted. International submissions welcome. Good luck to all our authors!
Prize: $250 for Short Story, $50 for Flash Fiction, $100 for Poetry
Entry Fee: $10 per Short Story; $4 per Flash Fiction OR $10 for three Flash Fictions; $5 per poem OR $12 for three poems
Contact Info: Joe Reinis, jreinis@tetheredbyletters.com


Magnolia Quarterly Winter Contest
Deadline: January 5, 2015

The 27th Annual
"Let's Write" Literary Contest 2015

Opens January 15, 2015


Contests with Revolving Deadlines

Women on Writing Quarterly Contest

Creative Print Publishing

Monthly winners receive a contract with paid royalties, and full promotion.


This is a genuine, no fee competition that stretches over 12 months. Each month a different genre; each month a winner. Winners are offered a contract, paid royalties, and receive full promotion and marketing strategies.

This is not a competition with prizes. There is no entry fee. Only novels of genuine merit will be chosen. Your book could be a winner.

Hallmark monthly Contest

Carpe Articulum will award $10,000 this year!

These dates are ANNUAL, REVOLVING deadlines

POETRY………………MAR 30, SEPT 30

Winners to be published in our international, cross-genre, quarterly review, and receive 2 copies. Requirements: Cover sheet with full contact information. Title only on actual piece. $15 reading fee per entry. See complete details and submit online at or mail to: Carpe Articulum Literary Review, CLPW Department, [your contest genre], P.O. Box 409, Lake Oswego, OR 97034. Checks payable to Carpe Articulum Literary Review. Optional editorial feedback fee: $49. The new Screenwriting Competition has a limit of 20 pages and is for the best opening scene only. All other guidelines apply as do for short fiction. Entries may be for plays as well. Good luck to everyone!


WritersWeekly.com's 24-Hour Short Story Contest!

Please note: You must be entered in the contest before the topic is posted in order to submit your story. You cannot write your story first, then enter the contest.

24-Hour Short Story Contest! - $5.00

Select this to register for a 24-Hour Short Story Contest. held quarterly and limited to 500 entrants. Don't miss out on the ultimate source for creative stress...and tons of fun! More than 85 prizes! (When you purchase this, you'll download a PDF file of the guidelines. There is also a link to them in the email receipt.)

I want to enter the Winter 2012 contest.


Caliterary Review Contest

Stories or novellas previously published are eligible, as long as the publication did not exceed 2,000 copies.

*Reading Fee $25.00. AWARDS: FIRST $1,000, SECOND $300 THIRD $200 (each additional entry in this SAME category, $10, not to exceed 5 total submissions)

GUIDELINES FOR POETRY: Not to exceed three pages per poem. Maximum: three poems per entry.

*Reading Fee 15.00 (for 3 poems) AWARDS: FIRST $400, SECOND $200, THIRD $100 (each additional poem entry in this SAME category, $10 each, not to exceed 5 total submissions)

These dates are ANNUAL, REVOLVING deadlines

POETRY..................... MAR 30, SEPT 30
NOVELLA....................................... JAN 7
 ESSAY/ non-Fiction......... JAN 7, AUG 30
PHOTOGRAPHY ....................... AUG 30


The deadline is the last day of each month.
Notes and Grace Notes offers a monthly contest in Poetry, Fiction, Non-Fiction and Historical Fiction. The prize starts at $25 (and sometimes it ends up being a bit more depending on if we get donations). Finalists get judges feedback, but also all entries submitted on the site can be open for general feedback if the author chooses. The word limit for the monthly contest is 3,500. Entries are limited to 2 per category. No themes. All entries will also be considered for the Literary Mag.

Inamorata Romance Books (an imprint of Stony Meadow Publishing) is sponsoring its

First Romantic Short Story Contest

Contest Deadlines: The 1st of every month for the following month's contest.

The contest is open to all writers, whether published or unpublished, and we are looking forward to reading some great short stories!

Monthly Winner: $20 and e-publication as the winning entry in the current month's contest. (Monthly winners may also be considered for eventual inclusion in an upcoming Anthology of Romance Short Stories Collection.)


Writer's Digest - Contests

sponsors several writing contests annually. If you'd like to receive contest news via email,

subscribe to the Writer's Digest Competition Update.

Funds For Writers

Great lists of contests, grants, and markets for free-lance writers


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Conferences & Workshops    Contests    Places to Publish

 Writers Groups    Miscellaneous Links    GCWA Member Websites