by M. L. McCann 

THE LONGJOHNERS’ MYSTERIES are meant to entertain readers from 8 to 108, and a child of five will enjoy having stories read to them. They are used in a variety of educational venues. Reading coaches love them, right along with students.

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Ghosts in the
September Corn Maze
          The O’Briens’ summer screeches to a halt when they find two teens unconscious from drug overdoses in the grandparents’ corn maze. Meanwhile, ghosts are romping in the corn. Based on the concept of love thy neighbor, we see the rippling effect of drug use and gain an inspiring view of one homeless family.
Midnight at the

August Tree House

          The O’Brien kids take a look at the problem of stealing: How cool to build a tree house! But what if, from its window, you saw something you weren’t meant to see? The O’Briens take a life-threatening chance in order to solve a crime and protect their grandparents’ property.
The Search

for Black January

          What would you do if a snowmobile struck and badly hurt your brother then sped off into the night? Determined to find the culprit and bring him to justice, Kelsey, McKenna and Grandma set out with only a single, vague clue. The importance of telling the truth is explored and fortified.


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The Mystery of October Island

          What a blast to camp on a private island - until someone raids the camp, leaving behind a bizarre reminder. As the mystery unfolds, the O'Brien family learns the value of doing the right thing and to judge not.

Review: "I hope this book reaches many children and charges their imaginations with the love of others." Rev. John P. Glase, Vancouver, Washington.


The Twelve Tears of April

National Award Winner !

          The O'Briens help young Lanie Polencia search for her family treasure, lost since the Civil War. Set at a horse show in Independence, Texas, the city kids are intrigued by all they experience. The pre-Civil War journal they find gives them a fresh view of history and sends them on a dangerous, life-threatening mission - all in the spirit of due unto others.

Review: "I loved your story. It is one of the best I have ever read! It never got boring once." Olivia P. Age 12, Suwannee, GA


About the Author:

M. L. McCann, award winning author, was born in the Yukon and raised in Seattle. While pursuing a career as a scenic photographer, she traveled the United States and Europe with her husband on behalf of their Arabian horse business. She now writes full time from their home in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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