Books by Connie Rainey

aka G. G. Houston



Death, Facts, and Afterlife Stories

What happens when we die? Do we move into a space between the here and now, or do we just stop being? Religions and ancient customs tell us that humankind has always believed in the afterlife. The book is in two parts. First we exam ancient customs and religious beliefs. The second part covers true stories of haunting as told by those who experienced them.  

Wings: Book of Spells

Sage, the Faerie Queen, has to save her oak grove home from human destruction. She broke a faerie rule and allows Thomas, the land owner, to know about faeries. Her brave move not only saves her home, but saves Thomas from the evil doings of a witch.

          She and Thomas fall in love, marry, have a child they name Victor. While Victor's magical powers are not as great as his mothers, he has inherited her wisdom. Now at eighteen, he is in control of his powers and the time has arrived for him to be introduced to a powerful form of magic: the Book of Spells.


Kindle Edition



Wings, the Passage of Time
Glemce knows he is risking his life when he steps out of the castle and into the forest where the mysterious Lights live. Only after his headstrong sister, Faze, is captured by Trolls does he understand his role in the reunification of the Faerie nation. Their journey takes them through two generations, the unification of two races, death, romance, birth and into the world of a magical Queen, who is forced to face an evil greater than any forest monster. Can good of heart win the battle?

Paperback and Kindle Edition



The 'Everyone Loves Dessert' Cookbook
Sweet Treets

Desserts make everyone smile
, feel guilty and happy in one glance. These are from my mother's own kitchen. Sweets to warm your heart and create memories with your family.

Paperback and Kindle Edition


 Yes, I'm Working is an easy to read manual with twenty-nine ways to be self employed. Working is about pride in yourself and what you do.

Paperback and Kindle Edition

About the Author:

          Connie Rainey lives on the Mississippi Gulf Coast with her husband.  She is a registered nurse, artist, mother, and grandmother. She served as the vice president for the Gulf Coast Writers Association and is a member of the Picayune Writers Group, the Pass Christian Arts association, and the Hancock County Arts Association.


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