GCWA PO Box 4808

Biloxi, MS 3953

Mississippi Gulf Coast Writers Association

Is writing your hobby, profession, or unfulfilled desire?
Then you are in the right place!

The Gulf Coast Writers Association is a nationally recognized organization founded in 1986. Based on the Mississippi Coast, GCWA strives to provide opportunities and encouragement for all writers. From individuals who dream of writing their first story or poem, to experienced published authors, GCWA attracts members who share in the joy of the written word.

To accomplish this mission, GCWA popularizes contemporary American literature by holding the annual "Let's Write" Literary Contest for both published and unpublished authors. The winning Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry works are presented to the public in The Magnolia Quarterly magazine. It also features hand-picked literary works by new authors along with the latest news in the belletristic field and local events announcements. Moreover, GCWA strives to support local scientists and degree applicants in writing- and publishing-related areas. We encouraged them to drop us a line like "To accomplish the course or to do my thesis right, I need a publication in a magazine or a reference by one of your writers" – and we will gladly help our fellow countrymen.

Live. Write. Enjoy!