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By Words

the Mind is Winged

Aristophanes c.450-385 BC

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Gulf Coast

Writers Association

Is writing your hobby, profession, or unfulfilled desire?
Then you are in the right place!
The G
ulf Coast Writers Association
is a nationally recognized organization founded in 1986. Based on the Mississippi Coast, GCWA strives to provide opportunities and encouragement for all writers. From individuals who dream of writing their first story or poem, to experienced published authors, GCWA attracts members who share in the joy of the written word.

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* Mavis E. Smith's newest book!

* Jane Golden's newest book!

* Mark Wyatt's newest book!

* Featured Writer - Charles Jones!

* MQ Contest Winners!

* GCWA's guidelines for Anthology 2015

* Betty Spence's newest book!

* GCWA's 2014 Anthology is here!

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